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Our Range of Services

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Onsite Offsite

EDMS / Onsite File Management

  • powerful tool for managing files within any company
  • simple and user friendly filing and tracking system
  • the system automatically updates the status of the file each time a file is added or moves location, keeping track, for easy and fast retrieval when needed

Archival Stationery Products

  • invest in our wide range of stationery that will help sort and file your documents
  • all our stationery solutions are user friendly and functional
  • contact your nearest office for more information

Records Management Consulting

  • TDW consulting team visit to your premises
  • our team will assist you in developing your record management policies, procedures and reliable retrieval filing systems in line with National Archives Standards
  • the team are experts in document management, offers superior consulting and training in this field

Records Management Consulting Staff

  • a team of trained archival specialists undertake a full audit of the current filing system and set up a new, efficient and user-friendly system
  • TDW staff are available onsite to sort, index, pack and manage archival systems

RSWeb - Real Time Document Access

  • immediate access to your records
  • control over your own records after stored offsite
  • lighten the records management burden of your customer service staff


Turtle Cases


  • Durable cases for safe transportation of storage media and backup tapes
  • Protection from airborne debris, foreign contaminants, high temperatures and electrostatic discharge
  • Comes in a range of sizes to suite your needs
  • Each case has molded dividers sized to the precise dimensions of each tape format
  • Waterproof cases that can store hang files as well as confidential documentation. 

Mailroom Services

  • tdw's unique mailroom service aimed at reducing mail sent to our customers’ premises
  • tdw receives, sorts, scans, directly archives and disposes all waste
  • an email is sent to each individual recipient who will then receive the days' mail in electronic format

Document Scanning Services

  • allows for information and data to be retrieved directly to your desktop for viewing, printing or emailing
  • the flexibility of the scanning software, doc-u-treve, allows your business to dictate to the document management system
  • information can be retrieved quickly and easily whilst the original documentation is safely stored

Data Capture and Indexing

Secure Offsite Document Storage

  • for companies required to retain records where document archiving is the optimal solution
  • archive warehouses conform to industry standards
  • for security purposes, the document warehouse has the capacity to store clients' documentation at one central point

Rapid Document Retrieval

  • standard delivery 
  • express delivery
  • scanned and emailed
  • faxed
  • telephonic delivery of information

Vault and Confidential Storage

  • secure access control
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • temperature, dust and humidity controls


Outsourced Live File Solutions

  • offers rapid retrieval for active files
  • hands-on file management
  • quicker delivery times than conventional storage


Document Destruction and Shredding

  • secure document destruction, fast and efficient
  • shreds virtually anything, no need to remove clips, folders and staples
  • after shredding and compacting , the material is sent for recycling
providing reliable and effective document management
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